Buchcover Berlin per se
Volker Remy

Berlin per se

Much too good for clichés – just Berlin as it is!

ISBN: 978-3-00-025060-6
36 illustrations
Rolf Bremer, Sascha Domröse und Oliver Schnell
21,4 x 25,4 x 1
Hardcover with dust jacket
78 pages
1st edition 2008/ 2009

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Berlin per se is one of a kind, with a genuine artistic flair, making it perfect for collectors. The high-quality production has much to offer in terms of materials, colours and extravagant processing techniques. It’s not a “nice gesture” – but a true message delivered from the city on the Spree. And all this on a personable level, with a good dose of humour and self-irony, intentional or otherwise. A guide for anyone interested in approaching this unmistakable city.

A book always tells a story... Yes, that’s right. Berlin per se recounts anecdotes on history, art and culture, culinary specialties, well-known children of the city, inventions and the Berlin residents themselves. With a precise observational power and instinctive feel for the true characteristics of the city, this book presents the reader with the real face of Berlin – perceptible anytime and everywhere in this modern metropolis. A collection of essays on a very special city, which should take its rightful place on every bookshelf.



I’m not a Berliner

Josephine Baker


Marlene Dietrich

The Turkish market on Maybachufer

I ♥ Berlin

Berlin Dada, art movement.

Max Liebermann


Mayo with chips a` la Fritz

Berlin bluntness


The World’s First Nerd

Harry Domela

Footpaths/ Pavements


Popup Gastro


Berlin Room

Heinrich Zille

The TV Tower on Alexanderplatz

GDR Aesthetics

Berlinale/ Potsdamer Platz

Berlin Air

The Wall

Brandenburg Gate


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